Infinite Shades of Grey

With drugs there is pleasure and death - and everything in between. The consequences form a spectrum, a continuum, infinite shades of grey. (E. Goode, 1989)

Infinite Shades of Grey is not the traditional drug education film. This local, low-budget film follows a group of friends, some of whom at this stage in their lives are involved in drug use. The film takes a new and innovative approach to drug education, acknowledging the perceived and actual benefits and negatives of drug use. It also highlights the fact that these aspects differ from person to person and are influenced by myriad of individual, social and environmental factors. Through the film we see how important the support of friends is and how one simple decision can set off a course of events, the outcomes of which could not have been predicted.

It contains drug use / moderate course language / adult themes / gratuitous drug education and snorting of sugar