Curran Place

Curran Place provides

  • Medical, emotional, pharmacological and spiritual support to assist adults to withdraw from alcohol or other drugs.
  • Assistance to access post withdrawal treatment and support.
  • Average length of stay is 7 days.
  • See our pre-admission booklet, for more information on what to expect at Curran Place.
  • A co-located four-bed Mother and Baby withdrawal service

Note: Curran Place has been tobacco free since May 2016. See our updates for clients and referring services on what this change means for clients, staff and visitors. 

See our evaluation of the impact of the first year of the tobacco free policy. 


Accessing Curran Place

The first step in accessing withdrawal support is an assessment to determine if withdrawal is indicated and if so, which service best meets the person's needs. Some people do better if they engage in counselling prior to withdrawal to plan how they will cope with the withdrawal process and their life after withdrawal.

The adult withdrawal unit is located in Ivanhoe, however assessments will occur at other locations.

To book an assessment or enquire about ReGen's services, please contact our Intake Team on 1800 700 514 or email: .

For other matters the direct number for Curran Place is (03) 9490 2400.


More information

See our pre-admission booklet for more information about what to expect and how you can prepare to get the most out of your withdrawal.

For an insight into what it's like to go through withdrawal at Curran Place, see this daily journal by one of the people who has used the service.


Whilst at Curran Place you will have access to

  • Medication to assist with withdrawal if appropriate;
  • Therapeutic & recreation activities, including art and craft activities;
  • Discussion groups and information sessions;
  • Goal setting & post withdrawal planning; &
  • Nutritious food & adequate rest.

See our pre-admission booklet for more information on what to expect during your time at the unit.