UnitingCare ReGen ran a range of activities as part of Drug Action Week (17 June - 23 June) this year. 

Background: Drug Action Week is an initiative of the Alcohol and Drug Council of Australia (ADCA) and has been running for 12 years to raise awareness of alcohol and drug issues in the community. This year's theme was "Looking after YOUR Mind" with a range of daily themes to focus on key issues to expand awareness activities.

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rayThe internet is now the number one source of health information. Evidence is emerging that young people are turning to online networks to collaborate, gather and distribute information about the use of drugs that meets their required level of perceived credibility. Harm reduction information and practices are often generated among these online networks as ‘best practice’ for the group. Alcohol and drug treatment services are moving into these online networks to participate in the discussions, provide evidence based harm reduction information and engage with users not currently involved with a treatment service. In this seminar Ray discusses the use of the internet and Web 2.0 methods that we can use to extend our ‘traditional’ services to have a voice in this developing arena.

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