International Women's Day at ReGen (10/03/15)

ReGen is marking International Women's Day with two events (at our Coburg and Thomastown sites). 

In keeping with this year’s theme: ‘Make It Happen’ our speakers are discuss their experiences as women in leadership roles and consider opportunities for improving gender equity.

At our Coburg event, we had two terrific speakers and a lovely lunch.  You can see the full text of Donna's presentation on the challenges for and achievements of women in leadership roles in a sector where women are the majority of the workforce.  You can also view Elise's slides on her experience as a leader and educator within the Australian Scouting movement.  

Thanks to both Donna and Elise for making this material available.  

At our Thomastown event, we heard from our Board member Joanna on her experiences of leadership, our Financial Counsellor Jo described the impact of economic abuse in domestic relationships and Elise reprised her presentation. 

Photos from the Coburg and Thomastown events are available on ReGen's Facebook page. 

Material from the Thomastown event on Thursday will be available here after the event.