Methamphetamines Personal Education Program

MPEP Logo1The Methamphetamines Personal Education Program is a FREE 3 hour education program designed for people who have been placed on a diversion program or for people concerned about their methamphetamine use. The program incorporates the use of a range of strategies designed to engage participants, and provides an opportunity for participants to reflect on the impact of Methamphetamine use on their lives and those people around them. Furthermore, participants are supported to develop strategies associated with various stages of behaviour change, including harm reduction, planning for change, getting through withdrawal and relapse prevention.

The program consists of 5 modules:

  • Introduction
  • Methamphetamine - An overview
  • Methamphetamine and the law
  • The effects of methamphetamine
  • Making changes and reducing harms

All education programs are delivered by education specialists who have also had clinical experience working within the alcohol and other drugs sector. Program materials are based on the best current evidence regarding methamphetamine use and treatment, and education materials have been designed with consideration to a range of different learning styles.


How to register

You can search and register for a Methamphetamines Personal Education Programs at 

All courses are currently running via virtual conference..