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Cautious With Cannabis


This 2.5 hour free education program is designed for anyone who has received a caution from the police or for people who are concerned about their cannabis use and would like more information and some assistance. It is also available to family members and friends of those who use cannabis and have these concerns.

The program is widely available and is usually held monthly.

For more information see the Cautious with Cannabis page on this website.



Alcohol: Considering Change?

  • Do you ever wonder whether you might drink too much?
  • Are you sometimes concerned about how alcohol could be affecting you?
  • Have you ever thought I know I'm not an alcoholic, but ...?

The 2.5 hour program is delivered in a relaxed, informal and non-judgemental environment.
The session provides information on:

  • The potential harms of alcohol use
  • The risks associated with your pattern of drinking
  • Strategies you might use to reduce these risks, including drinking less harmfully, cutting down or stopping altogether.

Come along to a 2.5 hour information session for people concerned about their drinking.

For more information see the Alcohol: Considering Change? page on this website.



FOCiS (First Offender Court intervention Service)

This 2.5 hour free education program is for those who are referred by the courts on an undertaking or diversion plan to complete an education program (or have a pending court date). This undertaking or diversion means that a conviction is not recorded.

The program is designed for participants who have been charged on a first time drug offence for possession and/or use of a small quantity of a drug other than cannabis.

For more information see the FOCiS page on this website.



Drink and Drug Drive Programs

As a Victorian Accredited Driver Education Program (VADEP) Drink and Drug Driver provider, Uniting ReGen is accredited to assist people who have lost their licences. VADEP Accreditation No: 08 / 086

To find out more about drink and drug drive programs and the process for license restoration go to the drink and drug drive page here



Methamphetamine Personal Education Program

The Methamphetamines Personal Education Program is a FREE 3 hour education program designed for people who have been placed on a diversion program or for people concerned about their methamphetamine use. The program incorporates the use of a range of strategies designed to engage participants, and provides an opportunity for participants to reflect on the impact of Methamphetamine use on their lives and those people around them. Furthermore, participants are supported to develop strategies associated with various stages of behaviour change, including harm reduction, planning for change, getting through withdrawal and relapse prevention.

To find out more about the Methamphetamines Personal Education Program go to the MPEP page here


Methamphetamine Family First Aid Logo DC2 181Hx180W

Methamphetamine Family First Aid program

The Family Methamphetamine First Aid program has been designed specifically for family members concerned or affected by a loved one’s use of methamphetamine (Ice). This program has been developed collaboratively with people who have a lived experience of the impacts of methamphetamine use on individual and family members’ wellbeing. The FREE, 2.5 hour program provides essential information and practical strategies to support all members of affected families.

The program includes discussion of the impact methamphetamine can have on mental health and how family members can respond to this.

Program topics include:

  • Short and long-term effects of methamphetamine use on physical and mental health;
  • The possible impacts methamphetamine use on loved ones’ behaviour, relationships and general wellbeing;
  • Supporting/managing a loved one while they are intoxicated or during early methamphetamine withdrawal (‘the crash’);
  • Looking after yourself (boundaries, guilt, worry, communication and support services for families).

To enquire about the program, contact ReGen’s Education and Training Team on (03) 9386 2876.

More information about the program