Catalyst - Community Rehabilitation Program

What is it?

Catalyst is a non-residential rehabilitation program for people who are dependent on alcohol or other drugs. It operates from Monday to Friday. See the program brochure for more information.

Most activities are scheduled between 9.30 am and 3.30 pm, and include some evening activities.
Up to 15 people will be participating in the program at any one time.

Who is it for?

  • People over 18 years who reside in Victoria and have completed withdrawal from alcohol or other drugs
  • Those who want an evidence based treatment option to assist them to maintain positive changes.

To be eligible you must be at least 18 years old and live in Victoria.


Information sessions

Anyone interested in participating in the Torque or Catalyst programs can attend information sessions, held every Wednesday (4.00pm at our Coburg site and 3.45pm in Narre Warren). At these sessions you can meet the staff and obtain information about the program.


Youth Catalyst pilot

ReGen has undertaken a pilot of two episodes of an adapted Youth Catalyst program at our Coburg site in early 2017. We are currently exploring funding options to be enable us to deliver the program on a regular basis.

See the program brochure for more information.


Catalyst Programs Manager Shannon Bell describes the programs, what’s involved and how they help support sustainable change (3 minutes)

Where is it located?

ReGen now delivers the program in two locations:

  1. At ReGen’s Preston site: 351 Bell St (near Bell train station)
  2. At UnitingCare Connections: 53 Webb St, Narre Warren. See the Narre Warren brochure for more information (and a map).

Why get involved?

The period following withdrawal is a vulnerable time in which the potential for relapse is significant. The program provides intensive post withdrawal support. The aim is to help people develop coping skills and maintain the motivation to change their drinking behaviour at a time when it is very challenging to stay on track.  We do not impose sanctions on people who lapse; however, people cannot attend the program if substance intoxicated. Prescribed medication and pharmocotherapies for any drug are recognised as acceptable treatment interventions.

What does the program offer?

  • 6 week non residential structured program
  • 1:1 motivational enhancement sessions
  • Group work including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Recreation and social activities
  • Assessment, goal setting and coordinated service linkages are core components of the program
  • Family or significant other involvement is encouraged

Things to Consider:

  • Are you willing to abstain from AOD use for the duration of the program, if not we can suggest alternative treatment options. It’s an intensive program; it will take commitment to see it through.
  • You will need stable accommodation for the duration of the program. If you’re worried about where you are going to stay for the night, it will be hard for you to concentrate on and commit to the program
  • Basic literacy in English is required. Whilst the program mostly involves interactive talking, there will be some reading and writing involved.
  • If you are struggling with your mental health, it may be important for the program staff to talk to you and your doctor/mental health worker to asceratin whether the program is right for you and what additional supports may be required for you to partcipate in the program.

Want to find out more?

Anyone interested in participating in the Torque or Catalyst programs can attend information sessions, held every Wednesday at our Coburg site (4pm) and in Narre Warren (3.45pm). At these sessions you can meet the staff and obtain information about the program. 

For information about the Narre Warren Catalyst program, call our Intake team (1800 700 514).

You may like to have a look at the Catalyst Briefing Paper for a summary of the development of the program, its outcomes and evaluation.

Evaluation Reports:

The Catalyst Program has been heavily evaluated for outcomes by an independent evaluator. These evaluations have reinforced the high degree of effectiveness of the program.

Catalyst Year 1 Evaluation Report

Catalyst Year 2 Evaluation Report

Catalyst Final Evaluation Report

You may also be interested in the external evaluation report for our Torque program (a Catalyst program for people in contact with the justice system), which demonstrates the effectiveness of the Catalyst model for methamphetamine and other drug types.


How much does it cost?

There is no charge for participating in the program. In addition, all participants will be provided with Zone 1 and Zone 2 cards for the duration of their attendance in the program

How can I get into the program?

 If you are a client wanting to access the Catalyst Program  If you are an agency wishing to make a referral
  • Tell your allocated ReGen Counsellor or Support Worker that you are interested in participating in the Catalyst Program
  • If you do not have a ReGen Worker you can ring the ReGen Intake Team on 1800 700 514 (Coburg) or 9704 1220 (Narre Warren) between 9.00 am – 3.00 pm Monday to Friday.

Comments from recent participants:

  • "The combination of (program) parts has helped me enormously."
  • "Everyday has been enjoyable."
  • "The program is structured very well."
  • "Gym on Friday worked really well – a great way to end the week."
  • "The program provided excellent tools and coping strategies."