Advocacy in Action

Presenting evidence grounded in research, our 40+ years' of service delivery and the experiences of people who use our services is the key to our advocacy.  

See our range of position statements, their supporting evidence and public submissions (below) on a variety of drug policy and treatment issues.  See our media page for examples of our work on improving community understanding of AOD issues and challenging stigma.


ReGen Position Statements

Position Statements are developed in response to issues relevant to and/or directly impacting on the alcohol and drug sector, the community and our clients. The following Position Statements have been authorised by the Board of UnitingCare ReGen.


  • Recommendations for the implementation and continued expansion of consumer participation initiatives within alcohol and/or other drugs (AOD) services in Australia

Consumer Participation - Position Statement

Consumer Participation - Supporting evidence


  • Recommendations for the expansion of Family Inclusive Practice within alcohol and other drug (AOD) services in Australia

Family Inclusive Practice - Position Statement

Family Inclusive Practice - Supporting evidence


  • Recommendations for future policy and service development in the Australian alcohol and other drug (AOD) sector regarding the role of ‘Recovery’ principles within the sector

Recovery Oriented Practice - Position Statement (2014)

Recovery Oriented Practice - Supporting evidence (2014)

Recovery Oriented Practice - Position Statement (2012)


  • Support for the establishment of a Medically Supervised Injecting Centre in Melbourne, Victoria

Medically Supervised Injecting Centre - Position Statement

Medically Supervised Injecting Centre - Supporting evidence


  • Recommendation for the expansion of Harm Reduction services in Australia

Harm Reduction - Position Statement

Harm Reduction - Supporting evidence


  • Support for increasing therapeutic interventions for opioid dependence in Australia

Opioid Replacement Therapy - Position Statement

Opioid Replacement Therapy - Supporting evidence


Policy and inquiry submissions

  • Response to Consultation Draft of National Alcohol Strategy 2018-2026

ReGen recommendations for National Alcohol Strategy


  • Submission to Legal & Social Issues Committee Inquiry into the Pilot Medically Supervised Injecting Centre Bill

ReGen recommendations for establishment of a Richmond MSIC

See the committee's report


  • Submission to Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Drug Law Reform

ReGen recommendations for reform of Victorian Drug Laws

Transcript of ReGen's testimony (see all transcripts)


  • Submission to coronial investigation into fatal heroin overdose in Richmond area

ReGen recommendations for preventing overdose deaths in Richmond 

Coroner Hawkins' findings and recommendations for establishment of a MSIC  


  • Submission to independent review of Victorian AOD & Mental Health reforms

ReGen recommendations on Vic AOD reforms (stage 1)


  • Submission to the Senate inquiry into crystal methamphetamine (Ice)

ReGen recommendations to Joint Law Enforcement Committee


  • Submission to the National Ice Taskforce

ReGen recommendations for National Ice Action Plan


  • Submission to Therapeutic Goods Administration on rescheduling of naloxone

ReGen supports naloxone rescheduling


  • Submission to stakeholder consultation on development of 2016-2021 National Drug Strategy

ReGen comments and recommendations

ReGen response to draft 2016-2015 National Drug Strategy


  • Submission to review of the Victorian Severe Substance Dependence Treatment Act

ReGen experience and recommendations


  • Submission to Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Supply and Use of Methamphetamines

Developing treatment responses to problematic methamphetamine use


  • Submission on proposed rescheduling of alprazolam (Xanax)

Support for rescheduling of alprazolam


  • Submission on Shergold discussion paper on Victorian Community Services Sector reform

Towards a more effective and sustainable community services system: a discussion paper

ReGen's response to the discussion paper


  • Submission on the Victorian Department of Health's proposed AOD Treatment Principles

Vic AOD Treatment Principles Submission


  • Submission on changes to directors of body corporates liability provisions in Liquor Control Act Oct 2012

Joint Submission on Liquor Control Act Oct. 2012


  • Whole-of-Government Victorian alcohol and drug strategy - Community Consultation

Whole-of-Government Victorian alcohol and drug strategy - Community Consultation paper

Moreland Hall's response to Victorian Whole-of-government alcohol and drug strategy consultation


  • Victorian Department of Health AOD Workforce Development Strategy

Consultation Paper

ReGen's response


  • Victorian Government Public Consultation on 'Pathways to a fair and sustainable social housing system'

ReGen's response (as combined submission by UnitingCare Victoria & Tasmania)


  • Federal Government Inquiry into Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

ReGen's submission to the inquiry