What we believe


Our purpose is to reduce alcohol and other drug (AOD) related harm, and promote health and wellbeing.



Hope - Affirming the possibility of change for everyone.

Social Justice - Standing up for the rights of all people to be treated equitably and with dignity.

Empowerment - Building on people’s strengths, so that they can speak and act for themselves.

Integrity - Upholding honesty, openness and responsibility in all our actions.

Respect - Accepting all people as they are and acting with compassion, empathy and fairness.


Strategic Directions

Person Centred:

  • Demonstrate that people are at the centre of all we do
  • Deliver quality outcomes
  • Provide accessible and flexible treatment and education services
  • Work to reduce stigma and discrimination
  • Recognise and respond to diversity

Be Innovative:

  • Utilise experience, evidence and knowledge to inform practice
  • Develop new service models
  • Respond early and flexibly to new challenges

Demonstrate Leadership:

  • Provide services that are highly regarded by people with AOD issues, their families and other stakeholders
  • Be the preferred resource for government, media and other providers
  • Influence the broader health and community sector in AOD matters
  • Deliver evidence based, integrated and coordinated services
  • Strengthen workforces of AOD and other sectors

Strengthen Collaboration:

  • Work with people with AOD issues, families and communities, to ensure they have a greater voice in our services and advocacy
  • Engage with the community to identify and respond to community needs
  • Partner with the wider community sector to improve client outcomes
  • Seek and expand collaborative ventures

Build Capacity:

  • Be the service provider of choice
  • Be an employer of choice
  • Grow our services
  • Ensure our sustainability


See our Purpose, Values and Strategic Directions in our Strategic Plan 2014-17.