Why we changed our organisation name



Why we changed our organisation name

On 15 June, 2012, we changed our name from UnitingCare Moreland Hall to UnitingCare ReGen (ReGen) to give people a better idea of who we are, what we do and how we work.

We also changed how our publications look and how we communicate with the people who use our services, their families and friends, other service providers and the wider community. The cost was kept to a minimum through significant pro bono support from a range of generous organisations and individuals, careful planning regarding our stock use and in-house web, design and multi-media professionals.

The changes don’t affect the way we work and our focus on providing the best support we can.

We recognise and respect that many people who have used our services over 42 years, have positive associations with the name Moreland Hall and will wonder why we changed it after all this time.

When we did some research on our name and identity with people who used our services, staff and a wide range of other people outside the agency, we learned that the name, Moreland Hall, didn’t really reflect what people can expect from our services.

For people who already know us, our name doesn’t matter. But, for those who don’t, it can play an important part in deciding whether they take that first important step of getting in contact.

Our new brand and name, ReGen, helps give people who don’t already know us a better understanding of who we are, what we do and how we do it.

As ReGen, we continue to be the type of organisation who:

  • Have pride in our people and our work, and are a respected and trusted organisation
  • Don’t just say, we do... and we go the extra mile
  • Are here to work with you if you are ready for change.

In this period of change for the alcohol and other drugs sector we will continue to ‘promote health and reduce alcohol and other drug related harm’.

But we now do it as ReGen.


if you'd like further information please feel free to contact us.