Consumer Feedback

ReGen receives a lot of great feedback from the people who use our services.  Our consumer feedback form provides people with the opportunity to assess how we live up to the principles set out in our Client Charter.

We regularly report back to our consumers on what action we have taken as a result of the suggestions  we have received, or how we are working to resolve identified problems.  These reports are made available in the waiting area at our Coburg site. See below for the full list of reports.

Our report on feedback received during January includes our responses to a range of suggestions about improvements to procedures and the physical environment at our residential withdrawal services. It also includes typical examples of the positive feedback on our staff and the impact of changes to our withdrawal model at Currant Place. You can find an explanation for the rationale behind these changes in this report on our work on responding to the needs of people undertaking methamphetamine withdrawal.

Our latest report includes our response to suggestions about the program and physical environment at our adult and youth residential withdrawal services.  It also includes typical comments about the accessibility of our services and the quality of our staff.

Our latest report includes our response to suggestions about a range of measures we can make to improve our service at Curran Place, our adult residential withdrawal unit.  It also includes examples of comments on the accessibility of our services and the impact of our staff working together with other service providers.