Working with different needs

ReGen provides services that reduce harm and support people to achieve long term goals regarding their AOD use, which often occur together with mental health issues and other challenges. We understand that people have different needs and goals, and that these may change as they progress through treatment and post treatment support. We work in partnership with individuals and families to achieve realistic goals in keeping them safe and improving their quality of life.

Our person-centred approach ensures that our staff consider how people’s background and life experience may influence their AOD use, as well as their understanding and expectations of treatment services. We have extensive experience working with groups with different needs including those with acquired brain injury. Regardless of background, we believe that our role is to instil hope that sustainable change is achievable and provide people who use our services with the support and practical skills necessary to make it happen.

Families can play a critical role in preventing AOD harms and supporting their loved ones to address their substance use, but the problematic substance use within the family can impact negatively on other family members’ health and welfare. ReGen recognises the right of every child to a safe and stable childhood and is committed to building a society that values and cares for its children, as demonstrated by our Intensive Playgroups for parents and children. We provide a range of targeted services and practical resources for family members at all stages of the change process. This may involve an information session at intake, family counselling during treatment, or attendance at a support group for family members.